The Need

To improve sales you need to rely on good looking promotional documents, quickly ready and without errors.


iJoin is a powerful collaborative design tool enabling users to build promotional documents based on configurable templates. It’s powered by a robust new document-processing engine that enables users to apply accepted business rules for efficient promotional material development. This new Zenatek engine enables our clients to cut production times, reduce revisions and drastically improve efficiency, and all without imposing additional burdens on their IT departments.

We’ve designed and developed the iJoin GUI, based on Web 2.0 and RWD design elements and principles, for ultimate compatibility with modern HTML5 browsers. The interface is built to be fully responsive, even on mobile devices, and iJoin doesn’t require user-side installation or maintenance.

We’ve succeeded in creating a system that will allow our clients to cut operational costs and increase the global efficiency of activities related to the lifecycle of promotional documents.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how you can implement iJoin to address your specific needs.

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